Friday, April 1, 2011

Scandal at the Farmhouse - first review!

Nervously, I opened an email from Sizzling Hot Books today and found the very first review for Scandal at the Farmhouse, my story about a Victorian virgin struggling to get out of marrying the man her parents have chosen for her. I was a little worried about how people would react to Ned, the hero, because he is a rough diamond - very sexy, but definitely not well-bred! I was thrilled to find that the reviewer described Ned and Clara's story as 'fast paced and great for an evening treat.'  I think I might have to print that out and get it framed!

Sizzling Hot Books is great for tracking down raunchier romantic reads. I liked the way the reviewer described my headstrong heroine: 'Clara has a gift for getting into or making trouble without a thought to others ....  I must admit it’s fun watching someone get into bigger scrapes than I do.' Say no more!
Full review at Sizzling Hot Books or you can read the first chapter of Scandal at the Farmhouse right  here.


  1. "Fast paced and great for an evening treat" is totally worth framing - congratulations, Cody.

  2. Great review Cody. Well done! Don't be nervous about reading reviews - if someone's moved enough to write a review about your book, then you've done your job well.

  3. Thanks so much Tyree and Leigh - It is still all very new to me at the moment, but very exciting. Maybe by the time I get my 100th review I'll be more relaxed.

  4. It's a lovely review, Cody and very well deserved!

  5. How awesome! It's one thing to get published and another all together to get great reviews. Congrats!