Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ten vital ingredients for a romance novel?

These are the things I like to find in a good romance novel. Take a look and see how they compare to YOUR top ten:

  1. A sexy hero
  2. A heroine I can relate to. Of course she’s pretty, but she’s not aggravatingly perfect (like the head girl at my old school, or the person my mother-in-law wishes her son had married instead of me).
  3. A first meeting that makes me smile, and characters that make me laugh.
  4. A gorgeous kiss scene. A first kiss I can almost feel. Oh yeah!
  5. A great story. They don’t just meet and live happily ever after. I want drama.
  6. A love scene. Not just a sex scene. A love scene.
  7. A surprise twist – keep that story coming.
  8. A reason to keep fighting for each other, even when all seems lost.
  9. A clever solution. Clever, yes, completely implausible, no.
  10. A happy ending. No miserable poetic partings for me, thanks. I want the couple to sort out their troubles and throw themselves into each other's arms. Any tears shed should be tears of happiness or sheer relief.
How did I do? Did I miss anything? I’d love to hear your ideas and comments. 
By the way - check out the FIVE HEART review I just got, over at Reading Romances.


  1. An almost perfect list, Cody! If I were to add anything, it would be snappy dialogue. I tend to lose interest in a story that doesn't have a lot of dialogue, but more than that, it has to be believable and clever. The verbal exchanges between the hero and heroine make or break a romance for me!

    Madeline :)

  2. Great list, Cody! And congrats on your five-heart review.

  3. Hahaha. Yes, implausible can be very irritating. That was a fun post to read. Now you have me wondering what your book would be like. lol. Good work lady.

  4. Hi, Cody! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, as well as for your nice comment!

    This is a FABULOUS list of ingredients for a romance novel! I agree that each and every one of them is 100% necessary in order to enjoy the novel. If one of these is missing, its absence will surely take away from enjoying the novel.

    Thanks for sharing! : )

  5. I came back to tell you that I read the review of your book, "Scandal at the Farmhouse". Sounds like something I'd love to read! Just let me know when a print edition becomes available, and I'll buy & review it!

    Oh, and thanks for following my blog! I'm now following yours! : )

  6. Thanks for linking back, Cody! I loved having you at my blog.

    That's a great recipe you have there! I would add fabulous dialog scenes between the heroe and heroine to keep the chemistry going!

  7. As a writer ... I love this stuff :) LOL ... you always have to have conflict.... love is never an easy road...

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    Hope you had an excellent weekend!

  8. Hi! Following you from the Blog Hop til You Drop Blog Hop!:0) Hope you visit me and return the follow!:0)

  9. Great to get some new comments and followers on this post - I lost some comments last week when Blogger went down. Dialogue - yes - I forgot to include great dialogue. Thanks to everyone - I'm visiting lots of blogs this afternoon to stop by and say hello.

  10. new follower on Sunday blog hope. Hope you follow me back!

  11. I KNEW I'd posted on this, but couldn't for the life of me figure out where it had gone! Hope you didn't lose too much when Blogger went down. Yes, dialogue adds life to the page for me. Other than that, a perfect list, Cody :)
    And congratulations on your review!