Monday, June 27, 2011

Day in the Life of a Writer

When I’m on a roll with my writing, my day goes something like this:
Wake up, reach for my laptop
Realize that this is not romantic.
Put laptop down, reach for husband instead.
Need caffeine, stagger out to the kitchen
Don’t notice breakfast – busy reading emails.
There’s one from my beta reader – scary!
She says there’s not enough sexual tension in my opening chapters.
I dismiss this and decide she doesn’t ‘get’ my story.
I check my Amazon rankings and adjust my mood accordingly.
Then I check twitter, youtube, facebook and blog to see if anyone likes me.
While I’m in the shower, I realise there isn’t enough sexual tension in chapter one.
I spend the morning putting dishes in the dishwasher and tension in my writing.
Then I write to my beta reader to thank her for saving me from embarrassment.
I consider buying ‘Scrivener’, but I am wedded to the time-honoured technique of writing my outlines on the back of old envelopes.
I write as many words as I can before I am interrupted by loud growling noises.
Hunger. Lunch is that great writer’s staple – the cheese sandwich.
After lunch I’m writing so fast my fingers are flying, I only stop for dire emergencies like the premature ejection of the Disney DVD that the twins are watching.
Round about 4pm I realise that I haven’t done any housework and the laundry pile is blocking the sun.
I fling on a load of washing and return to my writing.
I discover that much of what I wrote earlier needs deleting.
Husband arrives home and wants to know if there is any dinner.
I tell him that we had a busy day, plagued by problems with the DVD player.
We open the wine and start defrosting the dinner.
After dinner I try to resist the temptation to write anymore – guided by my belief that if I don’t find time to interact with real people I won’t have anything to write about.
Later, on the pretext of ‘checking for an important email’, I reach for my laptop again…

Did any of that sound familiar? You are not alone! If it didn't - I envy you - you lucky thing! And if you've got any tips for how to make writing and family life fit seamlessly together I would love to hear them ...


  1. Cody, I'm always in awe of a mother who fits writing in the cracks of raising children and housework. Even as a young woman without kids, I struggle to make time to write, so your daily process is inspirational. No tips from me, I'm afraid, but I'll be logging away tips from other writers for the future :)

  2. Cody, yes this sounds familiar to me, except I don't write but make art and deal with three kids + dog + husband. I wished many times to have my studio somewhere else then in my house. It is hard to split my professional life and daily household needs. I'm also in need of a good tip how to make it work.
    I'm glad I found you blog on

  3. Cody, I had to laugh because it definitely sounds like my life except my DVD ejection emergencies tend to involve Dora or Diego (or if we need a change Blues Clues). :)

    I found your blog on Mom Bloggers Club. Please visit me at

  4. Thanks for your comments, Madeline, Mirjana and Shannon - and yes, we have Dora and Diego DVDs at our place too! Great to know that people can relate to my struggle to guard my writing time.