Sunday, July 24, 2011

A charming page-turner!

Oh - an author loves to get compliments like these. This is what one of my wonderful reviewers wrote about American Smile - for more information go to Love Thy Author or Goodreads. Just goes to show you  CAN win fans with a virgin hero.

'A charming page-turner! This is a beautifully written novel about two romances, one in modern times in England, and one during the Second World War. Right from the start, I was charmed by the characters. It's a romantic story with real depth and leaves you feeling happy and sad all at once, like a good book should!'
Here's another lovely one from Book Club Forum!
' ...two stories weaves together to create a beautifully tangled web of mystery and searching.
The characters are absolutely wonderful and I especially loved Tyler, the American aircraft mechanic – to be truthful, I found myself falling rather in love with him myself. It’s rare that a romantic hero is so sweet, gentlemanly and, well, inexperienced, but it works to the advantage of the story and sets a contrast to the WWII relationship that is both fun and endearing ...' Book Club Forum Book Reviews.
You can check out the full text of that review here. 

American Smile is now available in print, on kindle and on Smashwords. All e-formats are priced at 99 cents.


  1. That sounds lovely, I can totally see the appeal of a virgin hero, in fact one of my favorite author's, Nalini Singh, did a tremendous job with that premise. I also like the duality component. GFC and book blog follower. Please feel free to drop by. I'm at

  2. Nalini rocks - I know the book you mean - and I can even boast that she's in the same writing group as me. Nalini's best advice to me ever was to 'always have two submissions out there' so aspiring writers - take note!
    I like the name of your blog - it got my attention.

  3. Those are fantastic reviews, Cody! I'm not surprised, you're a great writer, but it's nice to have the feedback, isn't it?