Monday, December 12, 2011

Celebrating Seven Years

My husband says it's weird being married to a writer - you never know which bit of your life is going to end up in a book. We've just celebrated our wedding anniversary - seven years of driving each other crazy -  in every sense of the word! This year I wrote him a sonnet, and he has given me the go ahead to publish it here for you to read.

With true delight I always will remember,
The day you asked me if I'd be your wife,
My warmest, sweetest, memory of December,
Lives in a golden moment - the best in all my life.
Your diamond ring outshone the sparkling sea,
and dolphins danced and my heart leapt the waves
For happiness, that you would share with me,
A future bright and perfect as that day.
The weather has proved changeable and storms have rocked the boat
The cynic in me questioned love, the promise seemed a liar,
But if I ever doubted we could keep our dreams afloat,
I’d find them in your arms, my love, like metal in the fire.
I never thought it possible – that this is how I’d feel,
Until you came into my life and showed me love is real.


  1. Happy anniversary! :) That's a beautiful sonnet.

  2. What a beautiful sonnet! I love to write poetry and verse. Happy anniversary. It sounds like you are very happy. Everyone who finds love is lucky! Your last two lines are ones I can relate to with my boyfriend.

    Best of luck and happiness!