Saturday, February 4, 2012

What I'm doing when I'm not writing YA

When I'm writing, I write for several hours each day and the book is always on my mind. When I'm NOT writing, I still have to be doing something creative. Lately, I've been designing costumes for a teen production of Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, one of my favorite YA writers. (Yep, Shakes for young adults, why not?) Twelfth Night is a classic 'OMG, maybe he's gay' story, but it also has some wise advice for anyone who has ever been in love. Here are some of the best nuggets:-
1. Never send anyone else to ask him/her out on your behalf. The Duke does this, and it does not pan out well. She falls for the messenger. Only the messenger is a girl dressed as a boy, and the Duke is really starting to like him...I mean her... Things get messy.
2. You've just found a note that says Miss/Mr Rich and Popular is your secret admirer? You want to rush round there and say, 'Yeah, baby, I feel the exact same way...' Wait! It could be a trap.
2. Do not try to impress someone by wearing yellow stockings. Big fashion no-no four hundred years ago, and this remains sound advice today.
3. Don't waste time on someone who doesn't feel the same way about you. The one who loves you could be standing right beside you wearing boy-leg pants.

 Seriously - it's a wonderful story - and will always get five stars from me. These are some of the costumes I've been sewing for the show. Can't wait to see the actors in them!


  1. I adore Shakespeare, but thi is one of my favourites (it's right up there with Macbeth for me!). And such gorgeous costumes - I am truly envious! I wish we'd had such a wonderful wardrobe when we performed Romeo and Juliet! :)

  2. Thanks Kell! A fellow Shakespeare freak. By the way - I just popped over to your blog, too. Interesting to see that you follow - after all this sewing I'm doing I think I need to sign up again - my house looks like a tornado went through it.