Friday, June 22, 2012

Katie's Hero

Huge news - I'm now signed with Crimson Romance - an imprint of F+W Media in America. Yes, I have a publisher!!! Katie's Hero was the book that cracked it for me. I cannot reveal too much about the story - as it has not gone through final edits at Crimson yet. But I will share the brief teaser that I sent to Crimson that got my a request for the full....

London, 1940

Katie’s got a guilty secret and she’s hiding out in London. Bombs are falling all around her, but she doesn’t care if she lives or dies.

Michael is a handsome young pilot who likes to play the hero, especially when there’s a pretty girl involved.  But duty calls him away, just when Katie needs him the most. Wounded and full of regrets, he’s not sure she’ll give him a second glance.

Tom is a lovable rogue, or that’s what he likes to think. He’s touring the world at the Army’s expense, but he’s missing Katie more every day. Could he wrangle another chance with her -  after everything he’s done?

Katie’s Hero is an extraordinary story of the healing power of love. Fall in love with Katie’s Hero today.

The team at Crimson Romance say the release date for Katie's Hero will be September 24. I will keep you posted when I get to see what they come up with for the cover. Very exciting!! Crimson is still appealing for more authors so if you haven't visited their FB page and website yet - get over there.

For those people who are waiting for the sequel to JOHNNY DOESN'T DRINK CHAMPAGNE (currently going free on B&N, smashwords, and i-tunes) - it's almost there. It will be released any day now, first in e-book, then in print. Many thanks for the wonderful reviews.


  1. What great news for you Cody! Good luck with Katy's Hero. It sounds like a great story.

  2. Thank you, Marie. I was reading that you are from Lyons - a city my mother visited when she was fourteen and very much enjoyed exploring. Good luck with your historical romance - I look forward to reading it.

  3. Congratulations! What an exciting turn of events. Wishing you much success.