Wednesday, October 9, 2013

At last, the cover!

This is what we're going for on the cover of BOOK THREE of the Vampires of the Tower series - affectionately known by my readers as the "Johnny Series". Book Three is the FINAL book in this series, although there will be a stand alone book set in the same world but featuring a different couple. I'm not ruling out the idea of writing more books in the future, either. But the love story will reach its climax (I promise) in this book and there will be NO cliffhanger at the end - for those people who hate cliffhangers. I am working furiously to finish the book now, sitting in my hotel room in Sydney where my husband is on a business trip. I am drinking lots of coffee and I am FINISHING THIS BOOK. 
I hope to post the release date soon. Huge thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to get this book written.