Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Kiss - Becky's Boyfriend by Cody Young

‘You okay?’ he asked her.
She nodded. ‘Just worried about getting back.’ It was late. Her father’s meeting would be sure to end before quarter to ten.
Martin seemed to understand that it was very important not to be late. They walked back towards her house and silence fell over them. There didn’t seem to be a safe or suitable topic of conversation. Becky felt more than nervous. Somehow she didn’t really believe he’d do as he had promised yesterday. The mood was all wrong now. He was walking quite fast, and looking straight ahead. She couldn’t read his face; his expression was preoccupied and serious.
When they reached the high walls that surrounded her house she was sure he would turn on his heel and go. She didn’t know if it was something she’d done that was wrong. Or something she did not do. He said nothing. Gave her no clue.
He pushed open the gate for her, and followed her up the gravel drive. The sound of their feet crunched as they walked up to the house in total silence. There was a street lamp right nearby, and its light fell on the steps that led up into the shadows of the porch.
He was still beside her. They reached the front door. She hoped she wasn’t shaking when he turned to her to say goodbye.
‘No more waiting,’ he said softly, and he put his hand on her waist to pull her close to him. He seemed huge standing there in the dark in his denim jacket. He was so close she could feel the warmth of his breath on her face. She was afraid to look up at him, uncertain what she was supposed to do next.
He wasn’t. He knew exactly what to do.
She would always remember what came after: his hands in her hair, his mouth on hers, the taste of happiness and soon, the tug of real desire. His mouth was warm, and his tongue was almost aggressive, but he melted her inhibitions like ice-cream in the heat of the sun. She put her arms up around his neck and pressed her slim body against him. She wasn’t sure she was doing it right but when she heard him make a soft appreciative sound she thought she must be doing okay. She didn’t know how long they stood there, it seemed like only a few moments and it seemed like a very long time. She would have liked to stay there in the porch, kissing him forever, but she knew they had to stop. There was the ever-present danger of her father coming home.
When they drew apart Martin looked very pleased and happy. ‘I knew we’d be great together,’ he said, and he smiled down at her. ‘I knew we would be. When can I see you again, Becky? Do we really have to wait until next Thursday?’
‘It’s the only night he goes out.’
‘It’s a long time,’ he said.
‘Yes, I know.’ She wished the elated happiness of the moment didn’t have to end either.
‘One more kiss, then.’ He leaned down and kissed her again, flooding her with sensations that were much stronger than the fear of getting caught, until that fear reminded her what that would mean.
‘Martin, it’s getting late.’
‘Okay, okay. Thursday,’ he said, and started back down the gravel path, ‘Thursday’s mine,’ he called out and waved as he went to let himself out through the gate. It was the clang of the iron gate that made Becky’s father look up. He had just parked his car on the other side of the road, deciding it would be quicker in the morning if he didn’t have to fuss with gates and garage doors. He couldn’t be absolutely sure that the man in the denim jacket had just left his house, but the sound of the gate was very, very familiar. He watched Martin walking quickly along the street and all sorts of concerns and alarms came into his mind. Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca. No one was allowed near his Rebecca.


  1. Ooh, I'm not liking the sound of Becky's father. There's trouble brewing there, for sure.

    1. Thank you, Suzanna! I have just returned to my much-neglected blog after almost a year not writing. So it's great to get some feedback on the new book.