Saturday, September 20, 2014

Doctor in love

With Becky's Boyfriend selling more rapidly than any of my other books - I am under pressure to write Ben's story. Ben is the student doctor who appears in Becky's Boyfriend who "looks like he belongs in an effing perfume commercial". Without giving away TOO much of the plot of Becky's Boyfriend - Ben really needs a love story ALL OF HIS OWN. For that reason - I am 35,000 words into a new book - all about Ben. He's five years older than he was in Becky's story. He's twenty-eight and he's sexier, moodier and funnier than ever before. This is one of the images shortlisted for the cover art:

I will be keeping you posted with updates about the cover, the blurb and the release date soon.
Johnny's Bride is not too far away either...

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